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Milo Adventist Academy Schedules

2016–2017 Calendar
2016-2017 Calendar(2.3 MB)
2016-2017 Calendar without picture pages(927.6 KB)
2016-2017 Financial Information(1.7 MB) view html
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Various Daily Schedules
16-17 Daily Schedules(386.0 KB)

These schedules include the regular Daily Schedule, the regular Friday Schedule, the Week of Prayer Daily Schedule, the Week of Prayer Friday Schedule, the Short Day Schedule, and the Neighbor Day Schedule. If a schedule other than the Regular Daily Schedule or Friday Schedule is to be used, it is usually noted on that date in the Milo calendar.

Class Schedule
16-17 Class Schedule(134.1 KB)

This schedule will show when each class meets, where it meets, who teaches it, and what days of the week it meets.

Music Schedule
Music Tour and Outreach Schedule
The schedule of concerts will be published after school starts.

Milo Academy Sports Schedules
2016 Fall Varsity Schedule
Basketball Schedule

Home Leave Bus Schedule
Milo Adventist Academy provides home leave bus transportation between Milo and Portland, Oregon. Fees for bus transportation are based on a round trip. One way is half the price of a round trip.

Medford Airport Departure/Arrival Dates for the 2016-2017 school year
Fall Semester 2016
Date of Arrival: August 14 (Registration Day)
Christmas Break
Date of Departure: December 18
Date of Arrival: January 4
Spring Break
Date of Departure: March 9
Date of Arrival: March 26
Beginning of Summer Vacation
Dates of Departure: Freshmen/Sophomores—May 25, Juniors/Seniors—May 28