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Milo Academy Vocational Life

The goals of the Milo Adventist Academy work program are for each student. . .

  1. to learn good work habits to equip him/her for success in life.
  2. to defray part of his/her expenses while at school.

MAA Work Policy

Work experience is an integral part of the curriculum at Milo Adventist Academy. Students who commit to a work position are expected to faithfully meet their work assignments. Communication and cooperation between home and Milo are essential for the success of this program.

The work coordinator will assign all work positions. Work positions are intended to be permanent. However, the work coordinator reserves the right to change student jobs to alternate areas as need dictates. Students who wish to change to a different job during the year must follow the guidelines of changing their work position. (See "Job Changes" below.)

Dormitory students will be given preference in work postions due to the additional expenses of boarding. Students who are cooperative, industrious, teachable, and dependable will be the most successful in fulfilling the goals of the academy’s work program.

In the work-study program at MAA, students earn a letter grade and 1.25 credits per semester. While these credits do not apply to minimum graduation requirements, they do become a part of the student’s permanent file.

While students earn an average of $150-$350 per month in campus employment, the school makes no promise or guarantee regarding the amount a student will earn toward expenses. This largely depends on the individual. The monthly statement will reflect student labor earnings.

All earnings from industries and campus jobs are designated for the student's tuition account at MAA, and not for the student’s personal use.

See work expectations for students.

Job Assignments/Applications

Job positions will be determined as quickly as possible after students are enrolled. Because preferred jobs fill quickly, the earlier students are accepted, the more work choices are available to them. Student preferences for work will be considered, but the work coordinator cannot promise everyone his/her first choice of job position. Students are encouraged to contact the work supervisor for the job that they would like to have, and to work with the supervisor to determine a work schedule. Students are also encouraged to discuss their qualifications with the work supervisor.

Job Changes

In special circumstances, such as personality/atmosphere clashes, extended illness, or academic difficulties, where it is determined that a different job position would be beneficial, the work committee may approve a change of jobs. The committee will consider this change only if students have an existing positive work ethic report from their supervisors. No change of job position will be considered for poor workers.