Spiritual Life

MAA is committed to providing an atmosphere and learning experiences that enable each student to know and experience Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Each student will be encouraged to:

  1. establish and/or deepen a friendship with Christ.
  2. grow in their ability to reflect the qualities of God's character: love for others, kindness, unselfishness, patience, and tolerance.
  3. recognize and use his/her God-given talents for the purpose of helping others.
  4. establish spiritual habits for success in all endeavors.
  5. come to understand, by personal experience, salvation by faith.
  6. grow in their knowledge of God.
  7. deepen their understanding of Scripture.

Tools for achieving these goals include:

  1. personal devotions
  2. group and/or one-on-one Bible studies
  3. worship services
  4. Bible classes
  5. mentoring and discipling by committed Christian faculty, staff, community members, and student leaders
  6. providing a rural setting in which an atmosphere conducive to quiet time with God may be more readily established
  7. planned opportunities for student ministry to others, including leadership in worship services and other meetings, community outreach, mission trips, etc.
  8. an atmosphere conducive to worship and spiritual growth on the Sabbath and all other days.

A Growth Experience

MAA is a Christian school. Every activity is planned to enhance spiritual growth. Being a Christian is accepting a lifestyle committed to continual growth in Christ. It is not a state of being or attaining an objective.

Since it is a growth experience, all who call themselves Christians will be at different levels of growth. This will most likely be true for each student and staff member at MAA. Therefore, we all should be careful not to permit a spirit of criticism or self-pride to disrupt each individual's personal growth. We must rather encourage one another to keep our relationships with Jesus growing in order to achieve the character development He wants for us.

Personal Devotions

Just as it is impossible to grow physically without a balanced diet, so it is with spiritual growth. You cannot have someone else eat your food for you and expect to live. Neither can you live very long without breathing. Reading from the Bible or a devotional book is spiritual food for the soul and mind. Prayer is breath to the spiritual life.

When we realize the necessity of spending some time each day with God on a one-on-one basis, we will make it our highest priority. Students may think the daily schedule at Milo is so full that it doesn't allow time for personal devotions. Life in the adult world will be equally as busy. The secret is to develop the habit of making time to spend with God. Spiritual growth cannot be attained without it.

Bible Study

God has put us into each other’s lives. As part of the family of God, we are called to support one other in furthering our knowledge of, and experience with, Jesus. To help with this, group and one-one-one bible study opportunities are offered through our pastor, Campus Ministries team, staff members, and student leaders. Topics are tailored to different groups and/or individuals, so there are multiple opportunities to learn many awesome truths about our God throughout the year.

Additionally, bible study materials and devotions for personal use are available through Campus Ministries on a number of different topics. These materials are for anyone to use and help provide a structured study during times of your choosing.

Worship Services

Worship services at MAA are designed to be a time of praise, worship, and inspiration. Services include dormitory worship, mid-week prayer meetings (ReCharge), Friday vespers, Sabbath School, church services, and additional meetings on Sabbath, as well as special weeks of spiritual emphasis.

Worship is meant to be active. To enhance our personal experience, we actively participate during our worship times together. We actively listen to the speakers who have words of inspiration to share. We sing praises to our God. We participate in group activities and engage in small group conversations. We use our God-given gifts to help others worship our Lord and Savior.

When on campus, village students are required to attend and participate in worship services.


The gift of the Sabbath carries a very special meaning for those who have experienced the blessings it brings. Creation of an atmosphere which enhances the Sabbath experience is a very important goal at Milo.

We welcome the Sabbath hours with a vespers worship on Friday evening and close them with Sunset Meditation at sundown on Saturday evening. All dormitory residents are expected to join in these times of worship.

During these special hours, we put aside all secular activities and devote our energies to developing strong and healthy relationships with God and with the people around us.

We do this by attending the services, and on a voluntary basis, participating in Sabbath afternoon activities. These may include a nature hike, informal sing, Bible games, outreach in the community, bible studies, youth group meetings, discussion groups, etc. Village students are invited and encouraged to be a part of Sabbath activities on campus.

We give visible evidence of our respect for our Maker in our choice of attire during the Sabbath hours. Guidelines appear in the dress code section of this handbook.