Milo Academy Mission Trips

Each school year Milo Adventist Academy sponsors a select group of students, staff, and parents, who spend two weeks doing service projects outside the United States.

March 2015 Milo Mission Trip to Panama


Milo Adventist Academy Mission to Panama

For most of spring break Milo academy students went to Panama to build a one day church and to help maintain several other churches and/or schools. They were accompanied by Mr. Andrieux and trip leader, Elder Gene Miller, as well as Diane Opp and parents, Mr. Way and Mrs. Driver. The group painted the La Omar Torritos church, distributed literature with the locals, built a one day church, directed a VBS program for the children of Chumical School, and distributed gifts at a local orphanage. On their day off they enjoyed the jungle sights and sounds as they floated the Panama canal.

March 2014 Milo Mission Trips


Milo Adventist Academy Mission to the Dominican Republic

During spring break 27 Milo Academy students, parents, and staff built a one-day church, painted other churches, put on a VBS for the local children, and led out in local church services on Sabbath. Staff sponsors of this trip to the Dominican Republic were Mr. and Mrs. Navarro, and Mr. Thornton.


Milo Adventist Academy Mission to the Philippines

During Milo's spring break Mr. and Mrs. Milam and three Milo students assisted in medical ministry, and worked with children in Pagudpud, Philippines.

March 2013 Milo Mission Trip to Ecuador

Students built four "one day" churches, then had the privilege of leading worship in some of them.

March 2012 Milo Mission Trips


Milo Adventist Academy Mission to India

During spring break Milo Academy students and staff spent two weeks doing evangelism, VBS, and preaching in five villages of the Sundarban Islands in West Bengal, India. Students divided into groups and each group was responsible for the programming for one village. This trip was sponsored by Mr. Hilde Barrera and Ms. Sadie Wren.


Milo Adventist Academy Mission to Honduras

During Milo's spring break Mr. Andrieux, Pastor Gene Miller, Mr. John Kelley, and several others were joined by two Milo students on a mission to build a church in Utila, Honduras.


Milo Adventist Academy Mission to Orcas Island

Several Milo students and sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Milam spent their spring break giving a week of prayer for the Christian School on Orcas Island, Washington. The trip also included leading P.E. classes, giving a community dinner, and visiting the elderly.

March 2011 Milo Mission Trip to Guatemala

During spring break Milo Academy students, staff, and parents spent two weeks in Guatemala!

Their service there included vacation Bible school, evangelism, repairing and pouring cement for a technology building, and visiting an orphanage. When the work was done, the group spent a day or two sight seeing before returning home.


March 2010 Milo Mission Trips


Dominican Republic