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Harvest Party

Milo Academy Social Life

Milo Adventist Academy is committed to providing an atmosphere and learning experiences that will enable each student to develop and improve social skills such as teamwork, leadership, consideration of others, conflict resolution, and good manners.

One of the goals of our school is to help students develop wholesome social relationships. The friendships formed here can do much to make the school year happy and successful. Students are encouraged to form many friendships rather than one serious, steady relationship.

Goals: Students will learn to . . .

  1. regard others as worthy of respect.
  2. manifest Christian attitudes of propriety and respect in all social relationships.
  3. consider other points of view.
  4. exercise self-control and self-discipline.
  5. respect the property of others.
  6. conduct social functions which adhere to biblical principles.

General Social Guidelines

  • Public displays of affection by students are not appropriate on campus or while traveling on school-sponsored activities.
  • Students of opposite gender must remain in supervised areas at all times.
  • Learn the principles behing Milo's Behavior Expectations
  • Learn the specifics of Milo's Dress Categories and Dress Guidelines


Milo's outdoor setting is ideal for encouraging physical fitness. The air is fresh and the surroundings are beautiful. If needed, Medical Care is available.

Time Management

MAA is an ideal situation to help each student develop time management. Sometimes students are surprised to learn how much can be accomplished within a 24-hour period. Students are encouraged to balance all aspects of living: rest, eating, study, classes, work, exercise, time with friends, relaxation, and worship.


The academy sponsors a number of organizations which are designed to provide leadership training and to develop the physical, mental, social, and spiritual powers of students.

Campus Organizations

Students who are eligible for office may be elected as officers of campus organizations. Faculty sponsors are assigned to all organizations and clubs. Each organization is conducted within the framework of the school's standards and regulations.

The treasurer of each organization, in cooperation with the sponsors and the school business office, keeps written accounts of all the funds for the organization. All funds will be receipted, kept, and disbursed from the business office.

A Student Association, class, or club meeting has official status when at least one of the officially appointed sponsors is present at the meeting.

Student Association (SA)

All students, by virtue of their enrollment, together with all staff members, are automatically members of the SA. This association is the general organization of the student body and is responsible for social and cultural activities.

The Student Association officers are responsible for planning monthly SA meetings and special events throughout the year including:

  • Handshake & Watermelon Feed
  • Spirit Weeks
  • SA Picnic
  • SA Banquet
  • Harvest Party
  • Amateur Hour
  • Christmas Party
  • SA Track and Field Day

Student Senate

The Student Senate is the representative body for the Student Association of Milo Adventist Academy. Its responsibility is to carry on the business activity of the SA and to provide a forum for student concerns so that there will be time at regular meetings for cultural, social, and religious programs.

Theta Tau Alpha - Girls' Club

The purpose of this club is to promote friendliness, culture, spiritual development, and social enrichment among the young women of Milo Adventist Academy. All female students are members. In addition to their Sunday evening meetings, members of this organization also organize events including:

Banquet in odd-numbered yearsMother-Daughter brunch
Open House in even-numbered yearsFamily Weekend programming

Rho Sigma Kappa—Boys' Club

All young men enrolled in Milo Adventist Academy belong to this organization. Their objective is to work together to build Christian character. The club provides many cultural, educational, and recreational activities in addition to Sunday evening meetings and organizes events including:

Banquet in even-numbered yearsPancake breakfast & softball game
Open House in odd-numbered yearsFamily Weekend programming

Class Organizations

All students who meet class standing requirements are automatically members of their appropriate classes. In addition to organizing monthly class meetings for business and social programs, the classes enjoy and help to organize specific events. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes organize and choose officers (See Eligibility for Student Office) during the first quarter. The Freshman class organizes and chooses officers at beginning of second quarter.

Senior Class
Senior Recognition
Graduation Weekend
Class Trip
Junior Class
Junior Benefit
Junior/Senior Banquet
Reception on Graduation Weekend
Sophomore Class
Sophomore activity day
Freshman Class
Freshman activity day

Music Groups

Milo Adventist Academy offers music groups suited to a variety of musical interests. Groups present programs for various church, civic, and school activities. In order to best be prepared for concerts in schools, churches, and on music tours, students are encouraged to plan to be a part of the group of their choice for the entire year.

Trillium - Yearbook

The yearbook is published annually in May. Students with an interest in gaining experience in teamwork, project management, photography, and desktop publishing may apply to join the yearbook staff. Students are encouraged to plan to be on the staff for the entire year.

Milo Monitor - Newspaper

When newspaper class is offered, the student newspaper staff publishes five to six issues per year in addition to the Mugbook, a photo gallery of students and staff, in the fall and the special commemorative senior issue in May. Students who would like experience in journalism, teamwork, project management, digital photography, and desktop publishing may apply to join the newspaper staff. Students are encouraged to plan to be on the staff for the entire year.