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Living on Campus

Here are several procedures you will need to follow as a student of Milo and as a resident of Milo Academy dorms.

Home Leaves

Home leaves are extra long weekends planned to allow students to go home every four to five weeks throughout the school year. They are intended to provide time for medical appointments, a change of pace, and time with family.

Students are expected to leave campus during all scheduled home leaves and vacations. Dorms are closed during home leaves.

It is important not to miss the school days immediately preceding a home leave, both because attendance in class is essential for learning and good grades, and because the day just before home leave may be the last day of the quarter, and tests will normally be scheduled for that day. Class work or tests missed because a student leaves early for home leave cannot always be made up.

Scheduled home leaves begin officially after the student's last class and work appointment on the day before the first day of leave and end at 9:00 P.M. on Sunday. If you will be returning earlier than 5:00 P.M. or later than 9:00 P.M., you must make advance arrangements with the dean. Meal services are not available until breakfast of the first day of classes.

Overnight Leave

Any time you wish to leave campus for the weekend or for overnight, and you will not be missing work or classes, arrangements must be made with your dean prior to leaving campus.

  1. Obtain an overnight leave slip at the dean's office.
  2. Make sure the dean has signed the slip before you leave campus.

Students will not be granted overnight leaves on the Friday of the Week of Spiritual Emphasis or on the Saturday night before a Sunday when classes meet.

If you expect to go to a home other than your own, permission from your parents and an invitation from the family you wish to visit must be submitted to the dean in person, by phone, or in writing.

You may not leave campus with anyone without parental permission. If the driver is under 21 years of age, the dean must have parental permission for all trips, including weekend leaves.

Leaves for weekends begin after your last class and work appointments Friday. You are expected to be back by 9:00 P.M. the Sunday before classes. Arrangements must be made with the dean prior to leaving. If something causes you to be later than 9:00 P.M., you must call the dean. Failure to do so will result in Discipline Committee action.

Once you return to campus from a weekend off campus, your leave is officially over, and you may not leave again unless you check out again with the dean.

Ad Council Requests

Ad Council forms are the paperwork that you will complete in order to make arrangements to be off campus for overnight or weekend leave or for any other occasion which will cause you to miss work or classes.

The Ad Council form is available from the administrative secretary's office. You will need to . . .

  1. Explain your reason for leaving campus.
  2. Give your work supervisor the name of the person who has agreed to substitute for you at work, and obtain the supervisor's signature.
  3. Ask each of the teachers whose classes you will be missing to sign the form.
  4. Have your dean sign the form.
  5. Deliver the form to the administrative secretary before Administrative council meets that week.

If your teachers and work supervisor have any reasons why they feel you should not go, they will note these on the form. Their signature is not an approval unless they note that beside it.


As a courtesy to teachers, students wishing to have a visitor other than their parents at school during the day or overnight must obtain permission from a dean or administrator at least one day prior to the visit.

Visitors on campus or attending school functions must abide by the rules of MAA. Teachers reserve the right to ask visitors to leave during any activity. Some school activities, such as banquets, are limited to enrolled students.

Accident Reporting

It is the aim of the academy to do everything possible to prevent accidents, but with a large group of students some may occur. It is the student's responsibility to report all accidents to his/her work supervisor for work-related accidents or to the administrative secretary if the accident occurred somewhere other than at work. If not reported, insurance may be denied, and the expense will become the responsibility of the parent. Accident report forms are available from the administrative secretary and from the deans.

Village Students

Village (day) students have made the same commitment as dormitory students and should follow the same guidelines.

Each student, whether dormitory or village, will be given a copy of the student handbook and the dorm handbook for his/her gender at the beginning of the school year. Village students are requested to attend the dorm worship at the beginning of the school year when guidelines are explained.