Milo Academy Dormitories

Milo Adventist Academy provides student housing in the girls' and boys' dormitories. A dean and assistant dean are responsible for each dormitory. Details of what is provided and what to bring are outlined in the Milo Dorms(37.2 KB) brochure.

In addition to students' rooms each dorm offers a recreation room, kitchen, worship room, TV room, lobbies, and laundry room.

Mitchell Hall—Girls' Dorm

Emery Hall—Boys' Dorm

Girls' Dorm Tour

Videography: Kaitlyn Robertson

Boys' Dorm Tour

Videography: Hayden Cox

  • 2015–2016 Girls' Dorm Staff
  • Head Dean: Mrs. Kim Person
  • Assistant Dean: Brooke Spickelmier
  • RA Team: Catherine Harwood, Sarah Holland, Hannah LaRiccia, Abby Rogers
  • 2015–2016 Boys' Dorm Staff
  • Head Dean: Mr. David Evans
  • Assistant Dean: Forrest Miller
  • RA Team: David Echevarria, Jared Sexton, Juan Carlos Way
  • Boys' Dorm Handbook(271.9 KB)