Rx for Success at Milo Academy

  • Human rights, including student rights, are very important; in fact, they are an obligation on this campus. You can help by not infringing on the rights of others – whether those rights are dignity, respect, time, or privacy.
  • Beauty is an important value on campus – that means no trash or graffiti, written in or out of the buildings, and love of beauty precludes profanity and prejudice.
  • Discrimination when it comes to music and art is the mark of an educated Christian. The Biblical principle is “whatsoever is good, think on these things.”
  • A sense of what is appropriate for time and place is another mark of our culture; this has implications for outward appearance, public display of affection, and Sabbath observance. In these areas, please follow what is appropriate for time and place.
  • Jewelry is not condoned in our Adventist environment. It is not a question of morality but rather the bearing of the Adventist flag of simplicity, authenticity, and community which had its origin in a visible statement against wasting money on adornment. Compliance is a badge of belonging to, or at least respecting, the group.
  • Safety is also important – your well-being and protection from dangers of all kinds are your rights.
  • Health is a sacred responsibility. This has many implications: a balanced vegetarian diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, and refraining from substance abuse. (No tobacco, alcohol, or other non-prescribed drugs.)
  • Respect for the space and property of others is valued on our campus; the possession and use of unauthorized keys, theft, and vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Finally, regular participation in the community worship and service activities assists in our religious formation and guards against selfish isolation. Each student is challenged to participate in a regular program of personal spiritual nurture and religious formation as well as in a regular program of community worship and service.

Adapted from “President Geraty’s RX for Cultural
Success at Atlantic Union College 1991-1992”