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Milo Academy Behavior Expectations

Milo Adventist Academy students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and appropriate. The following are specific ways students can demonstrate their respectfulness, responsibility, and appropriateness.

General Behavior Expectations

  1. In order to get along well at Milo Adventist Academy students make a commitment to be completely honest with others.
  2. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her actions and to be open to change.
  3. Students work with the staff to reach the goals set forth in the Milo Mission Statement and the Student Statement of Commitment.

Spiritual Respect

During worship services students are expected to show reverence and an open spirit by being quiet and attentive in all meetings and by entering meetings quietly and remaining inside until dismissed. Students may also show respect by taking care of personal needs before the service. Young men and women show respect when sitting together by sitting up and not leaning on one another.

When at Milo, village students show respect by attending and participating in worship services.

Social Respect

  1. Public displays of affection by students are not appropriate on campus or while traveling on school-sponsored activities.
  2. Students of opposite gender must remain in supervised areas at all times.

Behind the Milo Dress Code - Respect for ourselves and others

The way we dress reveals something about how we view ourselves and others. At MAA we seek to create an environment where . . .

  • students are encouraged to focus on a personal friendship with Jesus, on academic excellence, and on wholesome social relationships.
  • personal value is based on what Jesus is doing in us rather than on outward display.

Campus Dress Principles

  • Be neat, clean, and simple.
  • Be modest.
  • Be appropriate for the place and activity.
  • Do not offend or distract others – including members of the opposite sex.

Milo Dress Code Specifics

  • Since different attire is appropriate on differrent occasions, Milo provides dress categories for each different occasion such as school dress, church dress, etc.
  • Since modesty and appropriate attire are Milo's dress goals, there are specific dress guidelines that must be followed ALL of the time. .