Milo Mustang Basketball Volleyball

Milo Academy Varsity Sports

Students who would like to be involved in friendly competition may try out for one of the Milo Mustangs inter-school varsity teams.

Purpose of Milo Mustangs Varsity Sports

The varsity program is to enable students to:

  • develop teamwork and cooperation skills.
  • learn to accept both victory and defeat with a gracious Christian spirit.
  • experience the satisfaction of reaching out to students of other schools with a lifestyle witness.

Participation in the varsity program includes playing as a member of a varsity team, a junior varsity team, or any other team which competes with a team of players from another school, or assisting with a game in any capacity (e.g. as scorekeeper).

Students who wish to participate in varsity must pay a fee in advance at the business office for each sport in which they are involved. This fee helps to cover some of the extra costs of the varsity program. Fees are $150.00 for the first sport, $125.00 for the second sport, and $100.00 for the third sport played.

Students who are not in the varsity program, but who wish to attend off-campus games must ride in school-provided transportation (except if taking a junior/senior privilege), and they must meet the same eligibility requirements as students who participate in the varsity program.

Game Scores and Schedules

For each sport schedules are updated as the season begins. Some score information may be accessed at Milo Academy Mustangs.

Varsity Eligibility

Students in a varsity program are in a position to witness by lifestyle and must maintain a high standard of excellence. They will be expected to display the highest sportsmanlike conduct.

Academic Eligibility
  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher for the most recent quarter.
  • Having no current grade of F in any class, and no more than one class with a grade of D.
  • Grade changes that affect eligibility must be submitted to the registrar at least three days before any games that the student may participate in.
Citizenship Eligibility
  • No “U” in citizenship for the current or most recent quarters.
Attendance Eligibility
  • Maintain at least a C in attendance.
  • Having been present at work and in every class on the day of the game, unless excused from those due to a prearranged medical appointment.
  • If a student misses classes or work the day following a game, he or she will be ineligible for the next game.