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Milo Academy Physical Life

Milo Adventist Academy is committed to providing an atmosphere and learning experiences that will enable each student to achieve the physical excellence of which he or she is capable.

Each student will:

  1. learn to value physical fitness and healthy living.
  2. learn how to manage his time and prioritize activities so that he can accomplish what he needs for all aspects of health.
  3. learn to eat at mealtimes and gain experience in selecting a healthy diet.
  4. establish self-discipline and sleeping habits that will promote wellness.
  5. maintain habits of personal hygiene and grooming that will enhance a healthy lifestyle and an effective Christian witness.


"Stand at the crossroads and look and ask . . . where the good way lies; and walk in it and find rest for your souls." Jer. 6:16

Adequate rest is essential for physical, mental, and spiritual growth, especially in the teen years. Most students at Milo have very busy schedules. In order to receive adequate rest, they must become skilled in self-discipline and time management.

Milo Academy students who are not getting sufficient sleep are encouraged to counsel with a dean or staff member who can help them find ways to use their time wisely to achieve all their goals.

Food and Nutrition

Milo Academy provides a well-organized food service program in harmony with the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Because of our regard for health, we do not serve meat or beverages containing caffeine.

To accommodate individual tastes, a salad bar is available at most meals in addition to the entrees and vegetables at the deck. Students with special dietary needs are invited to work with cafeteria personnel to design a plan to meet those needs.

The cafeteria meets or exceeds the stipulations for operation established by the Department of Children’s Services and State Health Department.

Please observe the posted serving times and form an orderly line outside the doors. When they open, enter in an orderly manner. Students may not enter through the kitchen area.

Meals served in the cafeteria should be eaten there except on specially arranged occasions. Eat all you want, but eat it in the dining room. At times, you may be asked to limit the number of servings you take.


Opportunities are available at Milo Academy for obtaining regular exercise. Our country environment provides a beautiful and peaceful setting for jogging, walking, and bicycle riding.

A daily recreation period is built into the schedule. During this time students are encouraged to join in the organized intramural games, or they may walk or jog in one of the designated campus areas.

Recreation Period

Sunday: 1:00-4:00pm
Mon-Thur: 6:15-7:20pm

There are to be no student activities in the gym or other PE facilities without direct faculty supervision. The school cannot assume responsibility for students unless their activity is under the direct supervision of an authorized adult.

During recreation period students may be at an assigned recreation location, in their respective dorms, in their defined walk direction, or in the student center when it is open. Throughout the year various recreation activities are available, including but not limited to: softball, volleyball, basketball, indoor/outdoor soccer, football, floor hockey, ping-pong, tennis, aerobics, and weight lifting.


Usual walk areas:

 Odd DaysEven DaysHunting Season Odd DaysHunting Season Even Days
Through the pasture beyond the track and up into the mountains, including Craig’s Lookout.
Includes the roads to junior camp and the elementary school, and from those roads down to the river.
The road to junior camp.
From the bridge and down-river.