Trail ride

Milo Academy Horse Program

  • The horse program at Milo also provides an opportunity to earn class credit.
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  • Where can you ride? Take a look at places to ride(306.8 KB) at Milo.
  • Fill out a riding release(151.7 KB) to ride horses at Milo.
  • Take a look at the Basic Horseback Riding Rules(38.1 KB) for students to enjoy a ride at Milo.

One of the greatest campus attractions for the outdoor-minded is Milo Academy Horse Program. Students in the horse program at skill levels from beginner and up may ride. Boarding facilities are available for privately owned horses. To keep a horse at Milo, students need to make reservations with . See the Milo Horse Program brochure for more detail about the facilities and boarding services available for student-owned horses.

Riding lessons are available for the more serious riders.

photo courtesy Peter Hernandez, Hernandez Imaging

Milo's trail rides through field and forest are unsurpassed.

Trained student workers ensure the safety of the student riders as well as the horse. They make sure that the proper equipment is used on the horse.

Milo Academy has many miles of riding trails going through the woods, mountains, and fields surrounding the campus. Students in the program spend time in the saddle exploring woodland trails. The woods are filled with waterfalls, hidden meadows, and lofty mountain views, making horseback riding a favorite Sabbath activity for many.

Horse program participants enjoy riding on the beach during their beach campout.

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