Please contact the Milo Academy business manager if you would like to help with any of the following needs or projects.

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Items needed: for the Equestrian Program:
  • Saddles
  • Horse trailer
  • Weekend outing expenses
  • Parent riders to join us for outings!

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Item needed: Camp Umpqua Renovation (Former Junior Camp on Milo campus)

The vision: We would like to renovate the Camp Umpqua area to provide a fun, safe environment for year around enjoyment and Christian fellowship. Anyone with a desire to make the dream come true is invited to join in the renovation with donations and/or construction work. All in kind and monetary donations will be tax deductible.

  1. 7 R.V. Hookups, approximately $17,000. needed for materials.
    • Electrical lines and conduit— to 7 pads and 3 cabins
    • Water lines
    • Sewer lines
    • 7 Gravel pads
  2. Lodge remodel, approximately $29,300. needed for materials
    • Insulation for walls (6 in.) —This project is finished!
    • Paneling —25% still needed
    • Large wood stove —One stove and stove pipes donated! One more needed.
    • Lighting fixtures —Donated!
    • Tables, chairs, furnishings
    • Kitchen equipment
      • Stove and grill
      • Cabinets/countertops
      • Sinks —Donated!
      • Dish washer
      • Small appliances
    • Metal roof  $5,000 needed for materials
    • Cabin remodel is 75% done. Thanks to all of the volunteers who have helped with the cabin repair and remodel. 25% left to go!
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Item Received: Thank you for the updated furniture in the Boys' Dorm Lobby!