Financial Information

It is the purpose of the Milo Academy Operating Board to keep charges as low as is consistent with good business management. Owing to the uncertainty of economic conditions, the board reserves the right to revise the published rates without notice. For current year financial information see the 2017-2018 Financial Information(2.5 MB) packet.

Milo Adventist Academy is committed to helping teenagers meet the financial obligations of Christian education. While some families have the financial resources to pay their students’ bills in cash, many others need to take advantage of other means to meet their obligations. Sources of revenue fall into three categories: cash, earnings from the student's work program, and financial assistance. Discount plans are also available to some students.

All parents/guardians must develop a Financial Plan with the business manager.

Tuition fees are payable in U.S. dollars. Milo accepts payments made with all credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers. We also now have a way for you to make several different types of payments online. See Methods of Payment below for details.

Cafeteria Charges (Board)— Dormitory students are charged a flat rate for food service. They are encouraged to come to all meals, as there is no refund for missed meals.

Note of Interest:— Tuition and Room & Board are divided into ten equal monthly payments. General fees include expenses such as Yearbook, Student Association, Student Accident Insurance, Technology, Intramurals, and the Library. (See list below.) The General Fee and Room & Key security deposit are added to the initial payment and are required prior to moving in and/or starting classes.

Methods of Payment and Billing

Methods of Payment
Tuition fees are payable in U.S. dollars. All checks, drafts, or money orders should be made payable to Milo Adventist Academy in US funds and sent directly to the school. To make a credit card payment, please FAX your credit card information on the Milo credit card authorization(106.2 KB). Please mark FAX attention: Business Manager at 541-825-3723. To make a bank transfer, please email a request for a bank transfer to the Business Manager. Payments can also be made online through Adventist School Pay (see below).
Adventist School Pay
Adventist School Pay allows you to pay a student's school tuition and any additional charges/fees and expenses online, using your credit card, debit card, or checking account. State-of-the-art security measures ensure safe transactions. Click Adventist School Pay and another window will open where you will be asked to set up your account to make payments online. Please email or call the if you have questions about this service.
Billing Cycle
Your monthly payment is due by the twenty-fifth of each month to avoid late fees. Please follow the amount listed on your financial contract made at the beginning of the school year. All checks and money order should be made payable to Milo Adventist Academy in U.S. funds and sent directly to the school. Finance charges will be imposed on each item of your account that is not paid by the statement due date. The finance charge will be computed at the rate of one percent (1%) with a minimum finance chare of $1.
Diploma and Official Transcript
Please be aware that upon graduation from Milo Adventist Academy, students' diplomas and offcial transcripts will be released after their accounts have feen financially cleared.

Payment Schedule

Statements are emailed about the tenth of each month. Payment is due by the twenty-fifth of each month to avoid late fees. All checks, drafts, or money orders should be made payable to Milo Adventist Academy in US funds and sent directly to the school. These charges, divided into ten billings, will show on your statements.

General Fee

The General Fee is non-refundable and covers items such as:

  • Boys'/Girls' Club
  • Class Dues
  • Counseling/Testing
  • Intramural Fee
  • Library
  • Mugbook/Student ID
  • Student Association
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Technology
  • Yearbook

Possible Additional Charges

Some additional charges can be incurred. They may include:

Lab Supplies
Extracurricular/club Activity Fees
Field Trips
Application Fee
A one-time nonrefundable fee of $35 is required to process a first-time application for Milo Academy.
Wi-Fi/Internet Access
Horse Program
Students envolled in the Horse Program who board a horse—$60.00/month (See horse brochure for more detail.)
Students not enrolled in the Horse Program but boarding a horse—$260/month (See horse brochure for more detail)
These fees cover feed, but do not enclude farrier or vet bills.
A.P. or standardized tests
Students who register for Advanced Placement classes are required to take the exam for that class. The fee for the exam must be paid in cash by the end of March.
Choir and other group uniforms/trips
Class, club, and SA shirts
Graduation expenses
Home leave bus fee
Check the Home Leave Bus Schedule to see times, stops, and rates for a student to ride the home leave bus.
Unanticipated Home Leave Fees
Doctor's office visit co-pays
Replacement room key
School Pictures
All students will be photographed free of charge for the yearbook, student ID cards, and file photos. Those who wish to purchase pictures will make prepayment to the photographer, not to the school, on the day when pictures are taken. Please have checks or cash ready for the photographer on picture day.
Town Trips
Students who need transportation off campus may check the rates and make arrangements with the administrative secretary.
Varsity/Junior Varsity Sports
Students who participate in varsity sports are required to pay a fee to cover extra expenses of the program. This fee must be paid in cash at the business office prior to the beginning of the season and may not be applied to the school bill.
Textbooks and Supplies
Textbooks, workbooks, lab fees, etc. will be charged on the statement. Textbooks which will be used again may be sold back to the school for half of the purchase price if in good condition.
The first transcript issued after graduation is free. The fee for additional transcripts is $10 each. No transcripts can be issued for students who have an unpaid bill.

Credit Balances

End of year credit balances will be applied to the initial payment of the following year. If the student is not returning the following year, a refund can be issued or the student may opt to donate the credit balance to our Worthy Student Fund, which helps fund scholarships and financial assiatance for future students. These donations are tax-deductible.

Student Bank

Milo Academy provides a student bank service in the Business Office to safeguard a student's money. With parent/guardian's permission, cash may be withdrawn by students only with a student's signature. Unfortunately, we cannot assume responsibility for lost money or other valuables in dorm rooms or around the ampus. Students are discouraged from keeping large amounts of cash in their dorm rooms.

Student Accident Insurance

Milo provides a secondary accident insurance policy for all enrolled students. The premium is included in the General Fee. This insurance pays expenses incurred in treatment of accidental bodily injuries sustained in school activities. Please remember that primary health insurance is required prior to enrollment at Milo and that our student accident insurance is only a secondary coverage to your own personal insurance coverage. Please bring your student's current primary health insurance card to registration. All costs involved with taking students to seek medical, dental or psychiatric attention is the parent/guardian's responsibility.

It is the student's responsibility to report any accident to the business office within 24 hours. For further information see "Accident Policy" on page 11 of the Milo Handbook(1.2 MB).

Milo Refund Policy

Students who enter late or are absent for a time, but who make up back work and receive credit will be charged full tuition. A student entering school at an irregular time will be charged from the beginning of the week in which he/she enters. A student leaving school at an irregular time will be charged through the close of the week in which he/she leaves. No rebates are made for vacations.

Collections Policy

Milo Adventist Academy must collect your monthly tuition, room and board payments in order to operate. The collections policy is contained in the 2017-2018 Financial Information(2.5 MB) packet.

May I contact someone directly with my financial questions?

Yes! Please e-mail or call , with questions you may have about Milo financial policies.