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Welcome to Milo Academy Days
Chemistry Demonstration
Chemistry with Mr. Andrieux
Bonfire Worship

2017–18 Visitation Weekend

November 17–19, 2017

Milo Adventist Academy Days is your opportunity to visit and experience life at Milo. Room and meals are provided. Discover opportunities to make Milo life your life! Note that Academy Days include Sabbath activities so you can experience Milo spiritual life. Parents are encouraged to come and experience Milo life along with their prospective student.

Win Prizes! Academy Days is an opportunity for you to earn scholarships by taking subject area tests at Milo.

You may enter your art in the Academy Days Art Show. You may bring up to 3 framed entries per student.

Registration will start at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, November 18. There will be activities planned through noon on Sunday, the 20th.

Be sure to bring your parents or sponsor, sleeping bag, and pillow. Prepare to have fun!

Find a sponsor from your church or school and make your reservations! Meals and a place to stay in the dorm are provided. Sponsors are needed for both girls and guys in your group.

Make reservations with our recruiter, , 541-825-3200, Ext. 3323.