Milo Academy Yearbooks

Since some of the Milo yearbooks are quite rare, we would like to make them available to alumni as digital files. This process will take a while, so keep checking back to see which ones become available here.

Download(9.7 MB) the 1956 yearbook.
Download(11.2 MB) the 1957 yearbook.
Download(16.7 MB) the 1958 yearbook.
Download(15.4 MB) the 1959 yearbook.
Download(17.5 MB) the 1960 yearbook.
Download(16.2 MB) the 1961 yearbook.
Download(16.9 MB) the 1962 yearbook.
Download(17.4 MB) the 1963 yearbook.
Download(13.7 MB) the 1964 yearbook.
Download(17.3 MB) the 1965 yearbook.
Download(16.7 MB) the 1966 yearbook.
Download(17.6 MB) the 1967 yearbook.
Download(20.2 MB) the 1968 yearbook.
Download(17.4 MB) the 1969 yearbook.
Download(21.2 MB) the 1970 yearbook.
Download(21.6 MB) the 1971 yearbook.
Download(14.6 MB) the 1972 yearbook.
Download(22.8 MB) the 1973 yearbook.
Download(29.7 MB) the 1974 yearbook.
Download(26.5 MB) the 1975 yearbook.
Download(27.0 MB) the 1976 yearbook.
Download(23.6 MB) the 1977 yearbook.
Download(27.6 MB) the 1978 yearbook.