Mr. Thornton, Principal

Milo Academy Staff Commitment

The staff members of MAA are individually resolved, first, to maintain an actively growing relationship with Christ by prioritizing this activity above all others in their lives. Each one has additionally endorsed the specific commitments outlined here.

"Recognizing the unique and holy nature of a call to serve on the staff of a boarding academy, I commit myself to...

  • Pray daily for God to make me a channel of His grace, so that I will be enabled to love all my students, no matter how unlovable some may appear, and to guide them with His divine wisdom.
  • Actively teach students in all settings how to nurture each other emotionally and spiritually and take every opportunity to guide them away from behaviors that would wound others in any way.
  • Expose neither myself nor my students to influences that would weaken our ability to discern good from evil or lessen our interest in spiritual things.
  • Incorporate Biblical principles into my teaching in every class or setting.
  • Give glory for all good things to God rather than to myself.
  • Model in my own life the desired outcomes for MAA students while understanding that I, also, am growing in those areas.
  • Create opportunities for my students and me to enjoy each others’ company outside the classroom or work setting.
  • Do everything that lies within my power to promote harmonious, nurturing relationships between myself and my colleagues on this campus.
  • Continually seek ways to improve the effectiveness of my teaching methods.
  • Stay in touch with new developments in my area of responsibility/teaching content area.
  • Pursue every opportunity to pray daily with colleagues and/or students.
  • Teach my students to be lovers of the beautiful and to respect their environment, including their immediate physical surroundings.
  • Practice principles of physical fitness in my own life.
  • Be a person of integrity, by faithfully practicing honesty and the above principles to which I have committed, in my private as well as my public life."